Type of execution

  • Group
  • Semi-individual
  • Individual


  • General purposes
  • Specific purposes
  • Academic purposes

General Information

Apart from the language courses for general purposes (LGP – Language for General Purposes) in all the listed languages you can also take courses for specific purposes (LSP – Language for Specific Purposes) or academic purposes (LAP – Language for Academic Purposes).


  • Through the language courses for general purposes you can acquire a language that will enable you to establish clear communication in everyday, real context;
  • Language courses for specific purposes fall into a few categories depending on the subject area. Therefore, you can choose from the following:


  • Business language (intercultural communication in business matters);
  • The language of economy and economic relations (finance, banking, accounting, audit);
  • The language of business communication (marketing, management, human resources);
  • The language of law and legal relations;
  • The language of medicine;
  • The language of contemporary political relations;
  • The language of tourism and hotel management;
  • The language of modern technologies

So that you can attain a desired level in the knowledge of the aforementioned areas.

  • Language courses for academic purposes represent a kind of an entrance into the academic world. You can gain not only basic language skills, but you can also advance your expression of critical opinion, keep notes, write different forms, make presentations, have substantiated discussions all through the use of academic lexical parties./li>


You can attend all three groups of courses, after you have taken entry tests, at all CEFR levels, that is at A1 – C2 levels (ranging from the elementary level through the intermediate and advanced level, that represents the highest possible level of knowledge of the given matter):

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[1] The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages